Three steps to properly protect your personal data

Here's a layered approach to truly keep your data private.

To create a more complete protection scheme, I am going to walk you through three steps to build this layered security approach:

Step one: Install Full-Disk Encryption (FDE)
Your computer can be locked down as soon as it shuts off. If your laptop is stolen, sold on eBay years later, or even if it finds its way in the government's hands, rest assured that without a proper disk wipe, it will be useless without a password.

Step two: Create a hidden volume
FDE drives still leave your data and personal information vulnerable. Encryption with hidden volumes is the key to really protecting your information and rights.

With a correctly implemented hidden volume on your encrypted hard drive, you don't have to worry when someone cracks (or coerces you into giving up) the password.

Step three: Set up tracking for your computer
To be able track someone who steals a locked down computer, install a hidden volume operating system.